Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands

I’ll let you in on a secret. People are only beginning to find out about Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands. This is a beautifully unspoiled part of Ireland where life moves at its own pace and, running along the Shannon River from Cavan all the way down to the great city of Limerick, it’s a region just waiting to be uncovered. At 161 miles, this is the longest river in Ireland and it’s full of surprising to things to and see but most importantly it is a place where you can get off the beaten track and lose yourself in the quietness of the landscape.

Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands follows the Shannon river where it meanders, crossing expansive boglands, majestic mountains, open valleys and deep lakes and touches on riverside towns and villages dotted throughout this enchanting region. This is the heart of Ireland, and this is where you can get away from it all, slow yourself down and move at whatever speed you like.

Where walking, cycling, boating, swimming, horse riding and even sailing are the preferred modes of transport. There’s no box ticking required here to make you feel that you’ve experienced a magical place. There’s only the need to make sure to stop and soak up the peaceful atmosphere, meet the local people, get out on the water or immerse yourself into the landscape along the way.

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