‘Pure Dark’ 6 bar pack of our 54% Cocoa solids and above bars


Author : Patricia

When you love dark chocolate or for when the one you love, loves dark chocolate. Vegan friendly


This 6 bar gift bundle of our plain dark chocolate bars of 54% cocoa solids and above is for the chocolate purists and for when you need only the chocolate hit and nothing else. It’s also our best value in chocolate bars. 6 of our finest pure dark chocolate bars in 3 of our most popular blends. Just perfect as a gift for the dark  chocoholic in your life.

2 x 80% cocoa solids bars

2 x 70% cocoa solids bars

2 x 54% cocoa solids bars




Additional Information

Vegan friendly indication is based on ingredients listing. Made in a premises handling dairy products. May contain dairy traces.